Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I want to smooch ANNA and the FRENCH KISS by Stephanie Perkins

I don't read much contemporary YA.  I mean, I'm not a teen, and I spend ALL day in a high school.  So I get my share of the drama, the awkwardness, the gossip, the cattiness, the bullying, the bad decisions, and all the icky coming-of-age-ness.  I generally don't want to read about that stuff unless there's a decent dose of magic, paranormal creatures, dystopian societies, and/or zombie apocalypses.

But enough of my fav authors who write about all those speculative things raved about Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins that I had to pick it up.  I'm so glad I read this book, because I'd forgotten about all the exciting things about being a teenager.

Secret crushes!  First kisses!  Delightfully awkward throat-clearing while your leg brushes his and you pretend you're paying attention to the movie and not stealing glances at him in a dark movie theater!

Perkins does a brilliant job of filling us with the tingly ache of falling in love.  I held my breath along with Anna as she shared her boarding school bed with Etienne.  (oh, not like that!  Remember that feeling?  That 17-year-old feeling that if you could just sleep, JUST SLEEP, with him then your world would be complete? Sigh)

I was afraid Anna and the French Kiss would be too light and fluffy, but I was relieved to find genuine characters with real problems and a wonderfully believable romance.  And even though she didn't beat-up vampires or kick zombie-ass, Anna is still a strong heroine who holds her own.

So, my challenge to you junkies:  What other YA contemporaries do you recommend?


  1. I can't wait for this book. It is coming from Amazon in the next day or two.

  2. I HAVE to read this novel. I've heard so much about it, and to get a solid review from someone who admits to not really going for that kind of story, well, that's the kicker. Thanks for the post :)

  3. I loved this book so much! But I am a big fan of contemporary YA (and write it) so before I read it, I knew it would be something I'd enjoy. Another contemporary YA novel that I highly recommend is Jandy Nelson's THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE.

  4. Thanks Ghenet for the rec! That's another title I've heard a lot of good things about, I'll put it on my TBR list.

  5. this book was so...high school. i mean i love young adult books but this was overly cheesy done. especially the title haha. i love the characters and the plot was very cliche but i have to admit it was written well. i recommend this to those who love a sappy love story. it went back and forth alot and pretty predictable but it had some cute scenes in this. i also like to add that i love the name "Étienne/St. Claire" and i did love his character. he was so over protective of her and his friends. he's kinda...perfect. anna was basically the epitome of a teenage girl.