Friday, February 18, 2011

Don't judge a book by its...

Hello my lovely Junkies!  It seems like I've spent this week admiring the beautiful new covers of books I can't wait to read.  Which is really torture for an addict, like myself.  They're pretty! I want to read them!  Now!  But they're not out yet!

So, I figured I'd share my torment with you.  Don't you just want to pet the pretty pictures?

I'm so excited for Shattered Souls by Mary Lindsey.  Not only is Mary amazing, but her book sounds so dark and sexy.  And isn't this cover gorgeous?

Oooh, isn't this cover seductive and creepy?  Sweet Venom by Tera Lynn Childs is about 3 girls who are descendants of Medusa and must fight mythological creatures.  How awesome is that?  I love the simple beauty of this cover with the subtle snaking of the hair.

OK, now I'm sorry Mary and Tera, but the cover that tops them all was revealed today.

Just wow.  It's similar to the Paranormalcy cover, but is darker, sexier, and more mature.  Just like I hope Supernaturally will be!  What?  You haven't read Paranormalcy?  You don't read Kiersten White's hilarious blog?  I'd really recommend fixing that, ASAP.


  1. There are some incredibly talented graphic designers out there...

  2. The Sweet Venom book sounds very interesting. And the hair serpentine thing is definitely cool (read sexy)....

  3. The Sweet Venom cover totally hooked me (then again, I just chopped off all my hair and might be craving a braid).

  4. Brad--I know, right? I'm so not visual, so I'm always impressed by these things.

    Jess and Joe-- yeah, I love the braid. Like it's barely containing some seductive magic or something...

  5. Pretty, pretty, pretty. This is one thing I'll miss with an e-reader. I know you still get cover art, but it's not the same as being able to hold that glossy cover in your hand ... watch the light play off of it ... am I being weird again?

  6. Thanks, Alyson! I LOVE my cover for Shattered Souls. The Penguin art department did an amazing job.

  7. I know! I can barely get into the adult section for buying books for my daughter - Lol .....of course I have to read them first and approve them - ok ...not approve them - she reads what she wants and always has - but to who am I fooling -
    I hand her the book - she says thank you - I take it back - she looks wounded - I say "gimme 3 hours" she sighs. Three hours later she stands over me - quietly watching - as the last pages near - her hand darts out and she says in her teen "I know I am the grown up in the house" voice

    MY BOOK?

    grin - sigh.