Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Give Away! Because I'm a Slacker

Edit to update:  Thank you so much to those who participated in my little give away.  I really appreciate it.  The contest is now closed, random.org has chosen and the winners are...Kate and Amanda!!!
I'll email you for your addresses and send you your books. Thanks so much!

I want to blog, I really do.  It's just...I forget.  Or get busy.  Or it's been too long that I'm embarrassed to start again and all The Doubts creep in and tell me no one is listening anyway, so why bother.

But no more.  I have a plan.  We writer peoples need plans to conquer The Doubts and here is mine:  From now on, every week that I don't blog, I will give away a book to one of you.

Give Away!
Because I've been especially naughty and I'm just now starting this new motivation/punishment system, this week I'm giving away 2 BOOKS!

How to enter:
All you have to do is leave a comment.  Tell me which of the books I've reviewed so far (or their sequels) you want and why.  The contest is open until midnight CDT on Thursday 9/22/11.  On Friday I'll have random.org pick two winners.  Sorry, open to US only.

Easy, yes?  Yes.

Ok.  So of all the books I've reviewed, which one do you want?


  1. It happens to the best of us. I blog as if it was just for me and the google spam bots and eventually you get in the habit. I also use an excel spreadsheet (because I'm a nerd) and put the month on it and then it's easy to to visualize the gaps.

  2. Oooh I am DYING to read Red Glove after having recently finished White Cat. Even though my to-be-read pile is turning into a crazy tower, I would still love to add this book to the pile.

  3. I am bad when it comes to regular blogging too, and I'm planning a giveaway of sorts in the near future too! Funny how we're on the same page. I would love to win Red Glove. Just finished White Cat and I really enjoyed it. With an ending like that you just have to see what comes next. :)

  4. Imaginary Girls!! And Red Glove would be awesome. I just started getting back into regular blogging as well. I've missed your reviews! I hope to see more of ya!

  5. Hello. I noticed you were going to do a review of Divergent but it got eaten. I would love to read that. I hope that is alright as a book to list? My e-mail is misery_x7@yahoo.com Thanks for the great giveaway.